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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2012 7:18am-7:48am PST

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>> good morning, and welcome to our city hall. as you know, yesterday -- first of all, let allthank all the members of the board of supervisors that are here today. it is really great day for our city and san francisco. i want to thank the members who are here, and even those who have not made it here, they have already registered. there certainly here in spirit. yesterday, you heard me talk about our unique opportunity to unite the city and move it forward past old political labels and focus on all of our
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shared priorities for the city. that is what has been on my mind as i consider this very important appointment to the board of supervisors. as no, i have worked hard to set a new tone of civility, and i said yesterday that ever decision that i make will be in the best interest of all the people of san francisco. that has been my standard and i expect that of any one that i appointed the board of supervisors to also have. that is why i am extremely excited and proud to announce today might appointment of christina olague as district 5 is supervisor. [jurors and applause] -- [cheers and applause]
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i have talked to her quite a bit, and i know that she shares my vision of job creation and economic development in putting san francisco back to work. and i know that is also shared by all of the members of our board of supervisors as well. i know she cares about our neighborhoods and smart economic development, and certainly public safety for our neighborhoods. we also share the same values. in our past, a week -- for both came from backgrounds, fighting for the rights of tenants and immigrants. cristina will work every day for the people of district 5, building on a momentum that so many of our community partners that worked hard to achieve. christina olague brings an
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extraordinary understanding of city government and land use from her time on the planning commission. i am well aware that this may require her to recuse herself from some of the boats immediately before the board of supervisors. i have considered this. but the strengths of what she brings to the office, in my opinion, vastly overwhelms concerned about individual votes and individual projects. this is not about counting votes. this is about what is best for san francisco and her district. [applause] congratulations, christina, i look forward to working with you. i know you will do a great job, and this is a great day for san francisco. so if you will step forward. ok, ah, how are you?
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see, we're working on the last second here. [laughter] please raise your right hand. [laughter] please repeat after me. i, christina olague -- do solemnly swear -- that i will support and defend -- the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california -- against all enemies, foreign and domestic -- that i will bear true faith and allegiance -- to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california -- that i take this obligation freely --
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without any mental reservation -- or purpose of evasion -- and that i will well and faithfully -- discharge the duties -- upon which i am is about to enter -- during such time as i hold the office of -- member of the board of supervisors -- and transportation authority -- for the city and county of san francisco -- congratulations. >> thank you. [cheers and applause]
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>> please welcome the newest member of our board of supervisors, supervisor for district 5, christina olague. [cheers and applause] >> wow. thank you all for coming out here. most of you i have known for a long time. and, you know, i feel really overwhelmed right now. i am a little nervous. i did prepare a speech, because i was afraid if i did not write things down that i would stumble over my words, but i do want to thank everyone here that i have known and worked with, tenants, activist, and other people that are here. and i also want to thank, of course, mayor lee, for giving me the opportunity to serve and to work with you on the board of supervisors. [applause]
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i really feel proud to be here standing with you at this moment. so thank you. so, i guess i will go ahead and start my very, you know, i do not know, contrived speech. i hope it is not too contrived. but it is the best i can do. and linda avery herbert, i wanted to point you out. you're sitting in front of me. rita, i feel like i want to name tom comic role, and everyone, mark. anyway, my sister, my friend joyce from way back. mr. shaw, randy. i will go ahead and start. you know, it was just yesterday that i was standing under the rotunda listening to mayor lee's inaugural speech, and i think this is an incredible time for our city. a time where the city is coming together and moving past the old political pigeonhole.
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i want to say first and up front that we are the city where everyone is included. we are the city for everyone. our priorities are clear. we need to focus on jobs and smart economic development for all of our neighborhoods and rolled up our sleeves, get to work, and get things done. to the people of district 5, mayor lee and i share the same standard, that every decision i make will be what i believe are in the best interests of my constituents and the people of san francisco. i think you all know that i am is following in the footsteps of great supervisors who have represented district 5, starting with harvey milk, harry brit, matt gonzales, and ross mirkarimi. matt, i know that you're here today, and i want to thank you for your counsel and for being
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present and for being supportive of me today. [applause] nauert it is time -- now it is time to step up. it is might turn out to represent. it is an enormous challenge and responsibility, and i realize that. but one that i embrace, and i will work my hardest to, you know, to really meet with everyone, to understand what the concerns are. you know, it will be a lot of work, and we will hit the ground running, probably in about five minutes. [laughter] anyway, i did want to acknowledge my background. appointments usually do not happen to people like me. i grew up working class, poor. i grew up in the farm labor camp in a town called firebomb, you know, the central valley. with a stainless steel spoon in my mouth, i guess, and a
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tortilla, in my case. my parents cannot avoid -- afford to send this to fancy schools, so the script of what they could and sentenced to a catholic school. do not be shocked for those of you know me, but i spent eight years learning etiquette and all those things, praying every day and taking it catechism, all that. they sacrificed a lot for me and my sister, and we promised to stay true to ourselves and our passions. i am going to take my parents' advice to heart in my work at the board. in moving the city forward. i agree with an approach that focuses less on a site issues and more on bringing people together to address the problems that we face. because there are simply too many conflicts and issues, including the creation of good paying jobs, which i think should be one of the top priorities, and i am sure it is a concern to many of the constituents in district 5. constituents in district 5. strategies to deal with changes


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